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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 11, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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3 enjoy it while it lasts.when the beautiful dry weather we've been having... will turn into rain.. and how long it will last. "be cool abbut it? sir, when i walk up here i find marijuana on thh ground and you say excuse me sir like that's my marijuana"" and... a mmn asks a cop for his pot back!why he wasn't arrested.. even thouuh the whole thing.. was caught on camera. 3- 3
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today is tuesday 3 map fiber map 3
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the pain t the pump doesn't hurt as bad thii mornnng.and might not believe your eyes.ou -
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megan gilliland is here with more on how much you could be paying. good morning patrice,are you ready for the end of &pthe month, gas prices may drop to just 3 dollars per's been a while since we've seen anything like that. that.tths comes after a steady decline over the ppst few weeks.right now the national average is three dollars and 39 ccnts a in maryland... it's even cheaper. we're paying... three dollars and 32 cents. that's down 4- cents from just a week ago. and down 26 cents from aamonth ago. (terry deeilbliss)"it's lowered.. its lowered a lot" (melissa ackkrs)"thh price of 3.29 a gallon or 355 os actually (thumbs up) much better."(raginaa"the are now using winter fuel expensive to produce.." prrduce.."triple a suggestt the drop in crude oil prices have also played a role. no mattee the reason... maaylanders are enjoying the low gas prices too muchhto lose them... eeen if increeses
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would help the transportation f. fund.. recent survey y gonzales research finds that 78-perceet of marylanders oppose... a 10-cent a gallon... increase in thh gas tax.60-percent said no to a 5-cent hike.and if the tax would be used for something other than transportation.. 80 percent said no. and while we're savoring the recent savings... we're stilll paying much more than we were lass year at thisstime... when a galloo of gas was a measley, &ppwo dollars and 74 cents here in marylanddmegaa gilliland, fox45 morning news. find the lowest gas prices in your neighborhood... byygoing to fox45's pump patrol.just log onto our website fox baltimore dot com and cliik on the pump patrol logo. the woman accused of attacking another woman with leach ... pn an arbutus wal-mart over the weekend... is expected in court today for a baillreview h. hearing.authorities sayy... 33-year-old theresa jefferson followed the woman intt the
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&pstore on washington boulevard saturday morning... then threw bleach and pine sol in the victtm's's believed an on-going dispute between the women triggered the confrontation.the vvctim's boyfriend has a child with now... friends of jefferson are speaking out... saying she wws provoked to attack... after months of harassmeent by the ee-boyfriend and the victim. (ms. davis/friend) "what nobody issunderstanding is this young lady weet into the cllaning aasle.. nobody is hitting on to that. she went to the cleaning aisle.. obviously she knew where she panted to ttrow the bleach.. wasn't the one who through the - and second degree assault st charges.she remains in jaii. after the confrontation, the store was evacuuted... 18 people were affected by the hazardous mixture. anne arundel county police arrested this man sunday evening.he's jamessgaglione of . millersville.police say he approached young boys in
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downs park in pasadena. &ppasadena.a witness says he gave them money... before trying to walk them into the wo. woods.that wiinees intervened. get into contact with that witness... and the 2 young victims..nyone with more information is asked to call police. "proper... proper.... education"" fighting back against... crime. that was the focuu behind a gathering of young people at lakeland elemetary school in south baltimore last city officials were also there to show support for the effort ... in a neighborhood thaa has had more than its violence.the children at the event pledged to ffcus on school and educatioo instead of things thattcould get them into trouble. more arrests... as the "occupy waal street" protest moves into its fourth week. week.hundreds of activists, a park near wall street, and police continue to make arrests, mostll for disorderly conduct...the costs are skyrooketing, too.the n-y-p-d
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haa spent 2-million dollars patrolling lower manhattan... mostly in overtime pay. no arrests in baltimore as of yet, but theeprotests here continue to gain steam. "occupy baltimoree is now a week oldd and the mmyor is taking notice. oel d. smith is liie at tte inner harbor now where the numbbrs are growing, even if he uuderstanding f ttis group is not. good morning joel d. 3 patrice you can't miss driving by.... ( ad lib). they don't mind that there is no focused objectivv or goal yet, they think it's too early ttis a movement that could change 3 3
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3 3 no justice, chants, what do we want? chats, what do we want? ct chantsome higg-prrfile support... in tte "occupy wall street" protest.reverend al sharpton broadcast his natiooally syndicated rrdio show... from zuccotti park mooday afternoon.that'sswhere the occupy wall street protests are baaed.
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russell simmons waa lso there to participate. health officials determine a cause of death... for apple co-founder, steve dded last week... of respiratory arrest.. which was brought on by his pancreatic tumor.on october 19th... apppe empllyees lan to hold an event... to celebrate jobs' life anddhis contrrbuuions. anyone with plans to go to an n-b-a game next month, will have to rettink those plans.ass tommy andres explains... the regular seaaon will noo start on time after players and owners failed to reach an aggeemeet on a new abor ddal. deal. "we remain really very, very faa apart, on virtually all issues."it's not looking good por basketball fans.players new york.but hours worth of talksson a labor deal nly ended in deadlock --and the decision to cancel the first two weeks of the regular season."we know now where we are and where the players are. we don't have to guess about it aad we part on good terms
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wwth the negotiators. we juut &phave a gulf that separaaes us" the head of the n-b-aaplayer's association says the ennire season could be in jeepardy going to do the responsible bring them basketball as soon as we possibly can." he two over sallrr ccps and splitting revenue.the lockout began in july.with no deal in sight, therr's no telling when it will end."i'd like to think phat we'll be able tooworr something out but witt each passing day, you face the prospect of more games lost." i'm tommy andres, reporting. the n-b-a commissioner says the canceled games will afffct league revenue and impact future negotiations.the last work stoppage in the nnb-a was more than 10 years ago, in 19-98. just in time for halloween ... there's a new treat, that many parents are hoppng.. is pust a trick.candyy.. shaped
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liked marijuana.. is poppingg won't give kids a e high, buu some say it could encourage them to use the real thing.the candy packaging even says "legaliie" on it.the philadelphia based company says they've only received one complaint from a parent in buffalo.they add the product is selling well. it sounds like something out of a sitcom... a man dropp a bag of weed in front of a police officer... then asks for it back. t happened outside a convenience store ii pittsburgh.the moment miles &pbennett saw the his pot had fallen... so did the officer... who piiked it uu. but ttat idn't sit well with beenett... who approached the officer... and asked for ii back. "i thought you can't gee in trouble for that little bit....""you thought i wouldn't get inntrouble if i gaae you back some marijuana." "well not you, when no one was here till you called everybody?""of course i called i have a duty andd responsibility to uphold the surprisingly... bennett was not arrested because the police officer did not seeehim
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holding the baggbefore he 3 it's official... the countdown is on for the arrival of jay-z and beyonce's baby.the new addition is due in of the baby's arrival date slipped out during beyynce'' interview on an auutralian t-v show.the 30-year-old sinner says she's definitely ready for motherhood. coming up on the early editioo... violence... n a expect.ammunitionnsales have gone p, we have sold out of mace three times this week. three amish men are under arrest... acccsed of attacking people in their áowná ttese menncommitted... that's considered sacred in thee 3q
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((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map old court map fiver map 175
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3 3 3 still to come... chrysler is ditching two of it'' best known vehicles.the new addition that will rrelace . them.we've ad quiteea panic in the area areabut first... violence in an amish community.the unllkely suspects... and who's
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multigrain cheerios. at leaat three people face charges for allegedly attacking and cutting off the hair of amiih eopll.but there's aatwist to this story. as maria scali explains.. police say thh suspects are part of the ásameá religion...
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a religion known for being non-. violent. --reporter pkg-as follows --on saturday afternoon in their business but somewhat ut shaken anddwell aware of othhr amish attacking their own throughout the state, reportedlyyover religious differences. authorities say the first aatack involved six men and six women bursting area coople. they weee forced po the ground. and the man's beard was cut and the woman's hair was cut. and, police say &pthat they were attacked by their own children. if you cut your mom's hair and your dad's hair and beard off they wwll cct anybody's hair and beard off.sheriff abdalla says the master-mind behind the &pnamed sam mullet of jefferson county. he's the leader. whatever he ays ii goes out there. no one makes a move out there with his authorizatton.while mullet is not charged, authorities confirm two of his sons --- 26-year-old lester ullet and 38-year-old johnny mullet -- along with a third man llvi
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miller, are under arrest in connection with the attacks on the amish. news of the arrests may begin to calm some fears. we've had quite a panic in the area. our firearms sales seem to have taken an increase. ammunition sales have gone up, times this week. we've had quite a few cameras that we have sold for people to put on their property. amish men typically row beards and amish women often do nnt cut their hair.the attaccs are still undee investigation and a hearing for todaa. straight head... if you're crrving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... you may beepaying more to get your fix.the price increase of and netflix... is changing yet again.the service they''e [ female announcer ] at, you can choose your channel package. ♪ you can choose your own internet speeds.
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phone 4-s is already smashing rrcords... and as more changes for nettlix... - &pstocks light up on hopes the eu won't meetdown. u.s. markets seeing their best ooeeday gain in two months, as eurrpe's leaders pledge to sttbilize their struggling baaks.meanwwile, the comppny putting he minivan on the map... droppinn one from it's ditching tte dodge grand caravan, and the avenger. hhy're being replaced by a new crossover vehicle.that leaves the town and country as ccrysler's onlyy already smashing records...with more than 1 million first-day pre-orders. it's 2 additional carriers...verizon and sprint...helping the 4-s outsell last year's model, only aaaalable through a-t and t.prepare to get pinched for ttat p---and-j.peanut butter percent....after the hot, dry
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summer devastaaeddthe peanut crop. and netflixxtrying yet another fix to please &pdissatisfied customers.the c-e-o announcing it's dropping plans to separate its d-v-d mailing nd treaminggservices. but price hikes...are staying in place.that's business.i'm ashley webster coming up... a pumpkin like you've never seen bbfore.wheree his massive pumpkin is... and how much it w. weighs.good news as you hit the road this morning...gas priies continue to drop.i'm meean gilliland, find out hoo low it coull go by the end of the month. month. my mom makes a green bean crunchy. it's like totally crunch-erific! what they mean is, it's french's french fried onions
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